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Do Workout Supplements Really Work?

Yes. And no.

These supplements can help… if they are properly formulated, high-quality products.  Otherwise they may do more harm than good. At Bodylean, our products are vetted to make sure you are purchasing only the highest quality supplements. And, our team is trained to help you decide what will work best for you.

Pre-workout supplements are typically designed to enhance workout performance. The right supplement can increase focus, boost energy, and mitigate muscle fatigue. This facilitates a more intense workout, which works muscles more efficiently, increasing metabolism, repairing muscle and building muscle.

So how do you know if a pre-workout supplement is the right one?  The nutrition facts label will tell you. Check out the ingredients. A majority of supplements contain massive amounts of caffeine. As well as a large quantity of questionable stimulants. The effect of these products is extreme energy – if not jitters – followed by an inevitable caffeine crash. Definitely not something you want to experience in mid-workout.

The primary function of post-workout supplements is to reduce muscle soreness. This enables you to work out again sooner. Aside from protein, the most popular supplements are amino acids, specifically BCAAs (branch chained amino acids.)

The human genetic code contains 20 amino acids. Eleven of them are produced by the body in sufficient quantities. Because it is not necessary to get them from dietary sources, these amino acids are considered “non-essential”. The 9 “essential” amino acids must be derived from your diet, or from supplements.

As with pre-workout supplements, BCAAs must be properly formulated. That means high-quality ingredients which assist in muscle recovery, and no ingredients that can have negative effects.

Most BCAA post-workout drink mixes contain collagen extracted from animal leftovers. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, it’s a very important consideration.

You should choose supplements that are free from fillers and simple carbs such as fructose, sucrose and maltodextrin.

For more information, and to see our pre- and post-workout supplements visit BodyLean. We can help you choose the supplements you will need to reach your goals.


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